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Gachi Angeles Embarks on a Multifaceted Role in the Independent Short Film “Dancing Girls”

Gachi Angeles, a rising Peruvian actress who studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, has taken the creative reins to write, produce, and star in an independent short film titled “Dancing Girls”.

The concept for “Dancing Girls” originated from Angeles’ fervor for theatre. She was deeply influenced by the dynamic characters in David Rabe’s play “In The Boom Boom Room” that she read for an acting class and particularly identified with the characters of Chrissy and Susan.

“Dancing Girls” unfolds the story of Cleo and Dixie, two dancers working in a nightclub. The narrative primarily focuses on Dixie, the newcomer who struggles to adapt to her job, and Cleo, who steps in to motivate her. Through this narrative, Angeles aims to evoke a range of emotions and provoke thoughtful responses from the audience.

Angeles will be sharing the screen with her close friend and talented fellow actor, Courtney D’ Angelo. The film will be directed by renowned film producer, Gary Michael Walters. This venture into independent filmmaking has given Angeles the opportunity to deepen her relationships with her peers while strengthening her skills as an actress and producer.

One of the most significant challenges Angeles faced during the production of the short film was creating a polished, professional project on a limited budget.

The crew comprises friends and fellow artists, all collaborating to ensure the project’s success. It’s an endeavor driven by their shared passion for cinema.

As both an actress and a creator, Angeles relishes the opportunity to perform in productions of her own design. The process of creating “Dancing Girls” has provided her with a platform to channel her personal experiences and creative ideas, enriching her growth as an artist.

Angeles highlights the collaborative nature of working on this film, stating that everyone involved appreciates the project’s visual aesthetics and emotionally resonant narrative. It is, according to her, a playground of creativity and passion, especially enriching for her as an actress given the complexity of the characters involved.

Preparing for her role in “Dancing Girls” entailed intensive character analysis alongside Courtney, under the direction of Gary. Angeles immersed herself completely into the characterization, adding a rich texture to her performance.

Looking to the future, Angeles anticipates releasing “Dancing Girls” to a wider audience, particularly targeting sensitive artists in the film industry who can appreciate the emotional depth of the work. As a testament to her passion and creativity, the film stands as a promising step in Angeles’ career, demonstrating her talent not just as an actress, but as a writer and producer as well.

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