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Colombian Entrepreneur Revolutionizes Global Fruit Market, Uplifts Local Farmers!

The road to success is never straightforward, and in the case of Juan Esteban Estrada, this journey has been peppered with challenges, learnings, and a passion for Colombian agriculture that has led him to establish several fresh fruit exporting companies.

Born into a farming family in Medellin, Colombia, Estrada has always had a close connection with the countryside and its workers. His interest in foreign trade comes from a passion for business and the desire to bring his family’s agricultural products and those of other Colombian farmers to international markets.

Estrada, founder of Amén and several other fruit export companies, stands out for his focus on fair trade and his dedication to providing Colombian farmers with access to the international markets they so desperately need to improve their quality of life.

“I come from a farming family, from the fields. And I know firsthand all the needs that we face in this sector. That is why we founded several companies with which we take our fruits to international markets and with this provide a greater stability for our farmers,” said Estrada.

Today, his companies export a variety of fruits including bananas, plantains, Hass avocados, Tahiti lemons, and Honey Gold pineapples. But they are always in constant investigation of more products that the international market demands.

The entrepreneur is also recognized in the export sector for his incursion into Asian and Arab Emirates markets with Colombian agricultural products.

In addition to this, he has played an important role in integrating small and medium-sized producers into international markets.

Estradahas demonstrated that with perseverance, it is possible to overcome the greatest challenges. During the economic recession caused by the pandemic, his company faced huge difficulties. However, with much dedication and sacrifice, they managed to stay afloat and now have even more customers than before.

The social impact of his work is one of the most satisfying aspects for Estrada. “We have worked with banana farmers who had no one to sell their products to and now they sell in the United States. We have lemons that sold for paltry prices in Colombia and now they export to Spain among others,” he expressed.

In the long term, Estrada´s goal is to consolidate his markets, expand the range of products they offer to the international market, and continue integrating small and medium farmers into the export industry. He also wishes to venture into more markets with his fruits, not only in Asia and Europe but also in North America and the Middle East.

This Colombian entrepreneur, with his vision and commitment to the agricultural sector, is showing that it is possible to take the products of Colombian fields to the shelves of stores around the world while supporting the farmers of his country.

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