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ARROW is Out Now, Pavel Dovgal Breaks the Silence

An extraordinary artist breaks the musical silence and symbolically releases the fifth long-awaited album on the fifth of August.

ARROW is available on all popular streaming platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube music, etc. The album will also be released on vinyl.

Pavel Dovgal is the creator of his own independent label Saint Unique, Inc. / Monoclockmusic, bringing together talented experimenters of electronic music and related genres. Pavel Dovgal does not change himself by releasing his new album ARROW on his own label.

ARROW is a rich extract of the very best in the artist’s current work. This is a groundbreaking work that took six years to complete. During this time, gigabytes of music were written, but Pavel Dovgal set the keys to select only the 7 best tracks that were included in the album.

Each musical composition can rival such artists as Flume, Flying Lotus, Teebs and similar sounding artists.

The released Meditation album is the missing puzzle for the Arrow album: Pavel Dovgal conceived and realized them as a whole work.

The new album is filled with a large number of samples with a synthetic and at the same time organic sound texture.

As always with the artist, this is not just modern music with an impeccable sound, but also a powerful experience of transformations, enclosed in a musical form.

Pavel Dovgal makes his own musical worlds with special attention to detail: the cover, all the graphic design and other visual details of the release were made by the author of the album.

Recently, the statistics of listening to music from Pavel Dovgal on streaming services has grown by 333%. It is especially popular in the USA, Great Britain and Germany.

The increased statistics is an eloquent answer: right now the world especially needs thoughtful and at the same time fantastically beautiful music that returns the listener to harmony and to himself.

Pavel Dovgal knows this like no one else and aims right on target.

“For the one who shot the arrow …” – a quote-message to the listener.

Where will the arrow go?

Pavel Dovgal – ARROW





Enjoy listening!

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